-243- This land is sacred

Can They Do That?”

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

-Props & Poses –

Pose created using AnyPose and tray

Tray – Sweet Thing – Tavern Wench Serving Tray: Full

Orb – Cole’s Corner – Heavenly Ranger

-Setting The Scene –

Ruins – Love – Ruins Silent Corner With Lights

Centaur Statues – Jinx (Exclusively at We Love Roleplay June 4th – June 30th with 25% off) – Centaur Statues

Web Style Bench – Violetility – Widow’s Bench

Twig Moon Arch– Love – Butterfly Blossom Moongate

Floating leaves – Zombie Suicide – Magical Leaf with pixies

Sacred Stone – Simply Shelby (Exclusively at We Love Roleplay June 4th – June 30th) – Sacred Stone -Mithril

Grass – Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Winter Underbhrush

Animals – Clover – Purrsew

– Outfit –

Vines – Static (Exclusively at We Love Roleplay June 4th – June 30th) – Sylvan Vines

-Body & Accessories-

Tattoo – mad’ – Tupi Tattoo

Headdress – Wicca’s Originals (Exclusively at We Love Roleplay June 4th – June 30th) – Anubis Bindi

Hair – Magika – Unravel

Head and Skin – Bespoke Caravan  Exclusively at We Love Roleplay June 4th – June 30th) – Yokai Pig Head and Skin – Also at the event is a free charity kit $L10,000 free skin/eyes/tats pack*

*The North Carolina Indian Cultural Center (the “Center”) was chartered in 1985 to preserve and respectfully present the history of the indigenous peoples on the North/South Carolina border. The Center once held hundreds of acres of lands that are sacred sites, burial grounds, and areas of historic archaeological value. Over the years, it has been picked apart by oil companies and people with personal agendas within State and County administration.

All that remains today is 8.1 acres of land. The Chairman of the Center, now deceased, Kenneth Preston Hall, did not want to sell this land.

Robeson County was not able to negotiate outright purchase, and on February 17, 2020, the Robeson County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution to condemn this 8.1 acres for their own pet project. They said that it was “Do or Die” for their project, and if they did not get the land they would lose the $2.2 million dollars for use in allegedly building a State park.

Chairman Kenneth Hall was on his deathbed when Robeson County officials visited upon his wife at her place of work. They intimidated her, and coerced her into signing for paperwork that started an eminent domain lawsuit against the Center. They falsified documents that stated she was an administrator of the Center, but that is demonstrably false. Their intention was to get her to waive defenses so that they could take the Center without a fight.

In short they committed fraud to win the case and take advantage of Chairman Hall’s surviving spouse. This bold act of criminality must not go unanswered.

A group of volunteers rallied together to form a team to Save the Center. We have removed the case from the famously corrupt county courts to federal with federal civil rights claims and US Constitutional violations. The Center needs your support to fight the legal fight.

There are multiple ways to contribute:
1) Direct donation (all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE)
…Go to https://lenapepath.org/give-a-gift/
…Click “Give a Gift”
…Scroll down to “North Carolina Indian Cultural Center litigation”

2) Purchase apparel from the store
(some examples are:)
…”Save The Center” coffee mug

…”Save The Center” bomber jacket – https://lenapepath.org/product/save-the-center-bomber-jacket ($150)

…More to come!

3) Network with us
This fight is all of our fight. The people taking advantage of the indigenous folks will not stop, they will always be hungry. We must stand together to prevent them from preying on the vulnerable while we still have together to stand.

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/HDqsJv9zts

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