-168- Driving Home

“Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.” 
– Author Unknown

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Dear Reader,

I'm sure for most of us it's been a struggle not being able to see friends, family, loved ones during this festive holiday. The temptation to jump in the car and drive over is strong - especially when other people are breaking lockdown to see their friends. However, you know it's the sensible and safe thing to do to stay inside.

Real life wise I have been making the most of staying home during this festive time. I will be moving towards the end of January/beginning of February so I've been enjoying spending the last (and first) time in my little home with my hubs. 

The year has been bitter sweet but there have been some pros to this horrible 2020. Lockdown has meant remote working - meaning we are in a fortunate position to move closer to my family without changing jobs. By all means we are extremely privileged and have not been effected financially. - We are very lucky. I know for many 2020 has been extremely difficult. 

I wish you all a healthy and improved 2021.

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Setting the Scene-

Garage and Cars – B-Made – Old Gas Station

Car Wash – B-Made (Exclusively at Shiny Shabby December 20th – January 15th) – MC Wash

Car – Consignment – Stepside Pick-up – Fiona (Gacha)

Old Highway Sign – B-Made -Old Highway Sign

Pavements – What Next – Icy Paving Stone

Roof top Snow Drifts Since 1975 Exclusively at Winter Spirit December 13th – January 11th) – Roof Snow Drifts Kit

Rock Snow Drifts – Since 1975 – Ground & Rock Snow Drifts Kit

Icicles – Half Deer – Glittering Icicles

Road, billboard, pylon, Fog, Snowy Rocks – Milk Motion (Exclusively at The Arcade December 1st – December 31st) – The Snowy Road (Gacha)

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