-163- Merry everything and happy always

“Kindness is Free, Sprinkle that Stuff Everywhere.”

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Dear Reader,

I am trying to focus a little on home and decor for a little bit. And wanted to showcase a heck of a lot of things what next have to offer. - I had purchased a lot of these things before I became a sponsor but their store has pretty much every single season catered for and lots of lovely little ornaments to give you the perfect home. 

It wouldn't be a post from me without a bit of kink in.... spot it yet? No? Look at the Christmas tree... oh yes... they are dildos and buttplugs!!! - Thank you Short Leash!!!

Finally you have the cutesy reindeer from Hextraordinary - and they actually fly!! Yes you read that... these little darlings in one of their idle animations do  little fly!

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Setting the Scene-

Bridge – What Next – The Kissing Bridge

Truck with Tree – Love – Driving home for Christmas

Christmas Tree – Jian – Christmas Tree 2017 Decorated

Game Ornaments – Backbone – Gaming Ornament

Kinky Ornaments – Short Leash (Exclusively at the Christmas Gala December 10th – January 6th) – Kinky Christmas Ornaments Gacha

Picnic Table, hamper, lanterns and food – What Next -Winter Harvest Picnic – Full Set

Bench with helpful lamp – Since 1975 – Umbrella Bench

Hot Cocoa and Cookies – What Next – Wintertime Cocoa & Cookies

Light presents – What Next -Illuminated Present

Presents and Sleigh – Dust Bunny – vintage sleigh . with gifts

Christmas Pillow – Backbone – Festive Pillow Pile

Deers – HEXtraordinary – Romping Reindeer

Snowman – What Next – Jolly Snowman

Ice rink –What Next – Winter Iced Over Pond

Trees – Studio Skye – Skye Enchanted Woods

Snow – Studio Skye – Falling Snow System

Garland – Hive – holiday garland spiral

Shrubs – HPMD – Winter Shrub03

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