-148- My oat milk frees all the cows from the yard

“Do you know what the difference between a Hucow and a normal woman is?
A Hucow lactates great quantities of milk and is always very, very horny.”
― Bessie Hucow

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

Dear Reader,

These little animals are totally adorabubble, with their little weird faces and cutesy little bottoms. Tooooo sweet! 

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses-

Pose – Foxcity – Sleepy

Backdrop – Bad Unicorn – Candy Land Backdrop

Milk – Fakeicon – splash! / oat milk

Toast – Asura (Exclusively at Flora November 22nd – December 17th) – Tama Tosuto Zzz …

Lil Animals – Clover (Exclusively at We ❤ Roleplay December 4th – December 30th) – Glorgite

– Outfit –

Dress – 13ACT – Milly Dress

-Body & Accessories-

Hair – Doux – Tainy

Collar – Short Leash – MooMoo’s Collar

Ear Tag – Divah – Farm Ear Tag

Ears, Tail & Horn – Natton – Cow Ears and Bento Tail

Nails – Pink Lion/Pink Hustler – #060

Cow markings – Bossie – Cow Spots

Skin – Deetalez – Chubby European BoM – for Legacy, and Angel skin for head

Head – Catwa – Catwa HDPRO MajerEdged

Body – Legacy – Legacy

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