-213- Lost unicorns. If found, stop doing drugs

"Let the good times roll" ♥Full HQ Image Here♥{Sneakpeak the raw image} Dear Reader, What better way to show of the different skin tones than a triple image of yours truly. Bespoke has provided both female and male heads and skins to compliment this mystical head - and it's bento too!!! As my husband said,… Continue reading -213- Lost unicorns. If found, stop doing drugs

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-135- Let them Eat Cake!

"Stroke that shiny coatStroking is the antidoteStroke that, it's a startOnly for the wild at heart"- Stroker Ace, Lovage ♥Full HQ Image Here♥{Sneakpeak the raw image} Dear Reader, I saw someone add this sort of little exert in their blog posts, (well it was a dear diary passage) and it really did make me do… Continue reading -135- Let them Eat Cake!

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-78- Caged Heart

"You can’t put her in a cage and expect her song to be about you."- JM Storm ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Pose – some with the cage animation and edited with AnyPose Cage - Rawr (Currently part of the Saturday Sale 19th September) - Heart in a Cage Backdrop – Minimal - La Fantasia Backdrop… Continue reading -78- Caged Heart

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-65- Thinking of you always. Love

“But what does it mean, the plague? It's life, that's all.”― Albert Camus, The Plague ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Lighting – LUMIPro Pose made with the cane and adapted using AnyPose Cane - Deadwool - Goat Cane (GG) – Outfit – Dress - After Midnight Fashion (Currently at FABLE 5 Event from August 8th - August 31st)-… Continue reading -65- Thinking of you always. Love

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-57- Hello, Beastie

"I like you begging. Do it again."- Maleficent ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Pose – Foxcity – Cute but Psycho Lighting – LUMIPro Blade - Foxcity – Cute but Psycho prop Chiller - Black Jeep Speed Shop (Currently at Necrosis – Year of Decay from July 31st – August 21st) – The Dahmer Cooler Motorbike - Hogs and Cart Wheels (Currently at Necrosis… Continue reading -57- Hello, Beastie

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-44- Gummy Bear Bishes!

"I don't think -- " "Then you shouldn't talk." - Lewis Carroll ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Pose included with backdrop (Slightly modified with AnyPose) Lighting – LUMIPro Backdrop – Astralia - Wonderland (I'm too big!) Gacha Facial Expression included in the Lelutka head hud – Outfit – Dress - After Midnight Fashion (Currently at Down the Rabbit… Continue reading -44- Gummy Bear Bishes!