-199- You have come to journey’s end

"Across the seaA pale moon risesThe ships have come to carry you home"- Annie Lennox, Into the West ♥Full HQ Image Here♥{Sneakpeak the raw image} Dear Reader, Enchantment event is absolutely amazing. Sea, Vikings, metal... eugh! Beards!!! *swoons* I really am trying to up my fantasy game. Enchantment and WLRP have some fantastic bloggers and… Continue reading -199- You have come to journey’s end

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-11- I Got Caught Out In The Rain

"I can't help but love the taste of danger babyAnd the how and the when and the roughness baby" - Beth Hart Caught Out In The Rain ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Poses made using AnyPose Lighting - LUMIPro Building - Fanatik - Petra Chamber Rain - Dysfunctionality - Simplest Rain Handcuffs - Short Leash  Currently at… Continue reading -11- I Got Caught Out In The Rain