-131- I fly like paper, get high like planes

"Sometimes I think sitting on trainsEvery stop I get to, I'm clocking that gameEveryone's a winner, we're making our fameBona fide hustler making my name"- MIA, Paper Planes ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Pose and knife – Spoiled  (Exclusively at Equal10 November 10th - December 5th) - Bad B*tch Collection Backdrop – Cerberus Xing - Crucifix… Continue reading -131- I fly like paper, get high like planes

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-124- Support your local girl gang

"This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time"- Fight Club ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Pose – Xposure (Exclusively at The Darkness Monthly Event from November 5th – November 28th) – Alls Hallow V Bludgeon - Rawr (Participating in manly weekend November 6th - November 8th) - Morning Star Backdrop – The Bearded… Continue reading -124- Support your local girl gang

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-121- Never feed it after midnight

"There just might be a gremlin in your house."- Gremlins ♥Full Image Here♥ Pose – Foxcity – Medicated edited using AnyPose  – Outfit – Harness - Glutz - Pretty Little Thing Stockings - 1313 Mockingbird Lane - Thigh Stockings Kitten Heel -Body & Accessories- Hair - Olive - The Cookie Hair Horns – Aii and Ego – Pearlescent Devil Horns… Continue reading -121- Never feed it after midnight

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-117- Oh yes, there will be blood

“Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk.”- Robert Bloch -Props & Poses- ♥Full Image Here♥ Pose – created using AnyPose  – Outfit – Dress - Ari Pari (Exclusively at A Town Called Short Leash Kink or Treat Hunt October 1st – October 31st)… Continue reading -117- Oh yes, there will be blood

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-114- I’m too much for you, and I’m not even whole…yet.

“Things on the essential list: vodka, Nine Inch Nails, a steady supply of mortal men, and an all-purpose bitchy attitude.”― Richelle Mead ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Pose – created using AnyPose Dango - Asura (Exclusively at Flora Event October 22nd - November 17th) - Trick or Treat Dango (Spooky) – Outfit – Top - Psycho… Continue reading -114- I’m too much for you, and I’m not even whole…yet.

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-113- WEIRD science

"You know, there's going to be sex, drugs, rock-n-roll... chips, dips, chains, whips... You know, your basic high school orgy type of thing. I mean, uh, I'm not talking candlewax on the nipples, or witchcraft or anything like that, no, no, no. Just a couple of hundred kids running around in their underwear, acting like… Continue reading -113- WEIRD science