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-62- Gag me with a spoon

“I am Serious and Don’t Call Me Shirley.”- Airplane ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Lighting – LUMIPro Pose included with Clutch Backdrop – The Bearded Guy - Princesses Part of the Naughty Nights collection – Outfit – Bodysuit - Normandy (Currently taking part on Saturday Sale August 22nd) - Shell Bodysuit -Body & Accessories- Scrunchies on… Continue reading -62- Gag me with a spoon

Fashion, Photography

-40- Down, Down, Down. Would the fall never come to an end?

"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."- Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll ♥Full Image Here♥ -Props & Poses- Pose made using AnyPose Lighting – LUMIPro Backdrop tweaked and made with various landscaping products from hive, Apple Fall and DRD Butterflies - Wasabi - Butterflies swarm (for photos) Cards - Una… Continue reading -40- Down, Down, Down. Would the fall never come to an end?


-15- Glitchy Snack

"A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something." - Trinity, The Matrix ♥Full Image Here♥ (Or Head to the bottom of the page for individual photos) -Props & Poses- Poses made using AnyPose Facial Expressions - Lelutka - Lelutka Axis Lighting – LUMIPro Backdrop - The Bearded Guy - Neon Sanctuary… Continue reading -15- Glitchy Snack