-301- Sour Puss

“Sour puss,
Sour puss,
Suck on that lime.
Steal every dream
Critique every line.”
– Robert Plese

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}


Oh these lemons are fab - they have a grumpy face on them... and the story is that the lemon is possessed with a spirit and keeps trying to jump out the basket. Clover knocks it out the park - again!!!!

What do you think of the look?

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses –

Backdrop – ATTIC – Abandoned escalator backdrop

Pose – Foxcity – Stars (standing) 7m

Basket of Lemons – Clover (Currently part Panache Events Farmer’s Market August 26th – September 4th) – Keeper of lemons

– Outfit –

Top – sixx . wraith (Currently at Dubai August 20th – September 10th) – Jaded set

Panties – Seka – Prong b*tch panty

Leg wraps – Seka – Wreck leg

Boots – Usagi Society (Currently at Reborn Event August 20th – September 5th) – Haruka stompers

-Body & Accessories-

Hat – Ananas (Currently at Kustom9 August 15th – September 10th) – Fluffy head

Face piercings – Little Fish – Jazmina

Belly button piercing – Little Fish – Milly

Hair – Yomi (Currently at The Warehouse Sale August 23rd – September 18th) – Gryphon hair

Elf Ear Extensions – Swallow – Earrings pixie gauged SO2

Ears – Swallow – Pixie gauged S ears

Nails – Conviction – The Claws V2

The Claws Applier – Conviction – The Claws – Nude Ombre

Tattoo – Lilithe – Selene tattoos {BOM}

Skin for head – Deetalez – Salma (Tone –Mixed type) {BOM}

Skin for body – Deetalez – Skin for reborn (Tone – Eastern) {BOM}

Freckles on body – Deetalez – Body addon – Freckles {BOM}

Cheekbones – Deetalez – Addons pack for Misaki {BOM}

Freckles – Deetalez – Addons pack for Salma {BOM}

Veins, Cellulite and Stretchmarks – Izzie’s – Body Imperfections {BOM}

Lashes – Shiny Stuffs – All dolled up lashes

Eyes – Euphoric – Alice eyes

Head – Lelutka – Ora head

Body – Ebody – Reborn

– Mods & Deformers –

Soft thighs – Maze.mods – Soft thighs mod

Juicy boobs – Ebody – Juicy boobs addon

Butt down deformer included with ebody reborn body

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