-298- This one is for you

“And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”
― pleasefindthis, I Wrote This For You

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A long lost friend - my first partner in crime came back in to my life last week, and it's like nothing has changed between the two of us. I've known this sweet kind puff for over 4 years. When I asked if she wanted to pose with me she jumped at the chance and I am so glad she did. She is so patient with how long I take and that I am constantly working like alllll the time.

Anyway, there are a fair few items in this post. The daybed from backbone is so cosy and more traditional from their gaming and neon sets. It makes a gorgeous addition to any home. 

I have fallen in love with the troll from clover - I absolutely melted when I saw him, and I'm sure you'll see him pop up in several photos.

Violetility's kinky addition is subtly shown with their heart bondage kit.. *waggles brows* and it's beautifully paired with short leash nude plants.... check me out keeping it PG and not showing the big ole dicks!

Lagom has kept everything kawaii with the gorgeous movie projection scene and of course their cuddly pillows.

While What Next, Insurrektion, hextraordinary and Simply Shelby finish off all the ouches with shelving lights and of course lots and lots of plants!

And what is a movie night without the yummyness of popcorn kindly provided by junk food -yum!

Serra is wearing her own choice of clothes and I have no further info on her outfit.

Have you got any of these items inworld? Do you have a favourite?  

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses –

Poses are from the daybed

– Setting the Scene –

Daybed – Backbone (Currently at Fameshed August 1st – August 27th) – Patio daybed

Heart pad – Violetility – heart pad

Table and planter – Short Leash – Amante side table and Amante planter

Screen – What Next – Balboa screen

Heart shelves, heart plants & love set – Simply Shelby – Mon amour planter set

Morroccon pillows, lantern and rugs – Pitaya – Morocco dreams set

Kawaii pillows – Lagom – Cozy pillow pile

Succulents and hanging plants – InsurreKtion – Desert plants

Plant – Short Leash (Currently at Kinky July 28th – August 22nd) – Kinky clutter – nude planters

Rose – What Next – Bailey roses decor

Dragon candle – HEXtraordinary (Currently at Midnight Order July 20th – August 20th) -Dragon wing candle

Hanging lights – What Next – Balboa hanging lights

Projection set – Lagom – Home projector

Paddle – Lemme – Empowered & romantic

Books – Half-Deer – Book clutter – stack

Baby troll – Clover  (Currently at The Warehouse Sale July 23rd – 18th August) – Baby troll

Popcorn – Junk Food – Popcorn bowl

– Outfit –

Top – Candy Kitten – Marshmallow top

Skirt – Candy Kitten– Marshmallow skirt

Shoes – Lybra (Currently at Anthem August 3rd – August 30th) – Devvi

-Body & Accessories-

Headband – Ananas – Crabby headband

Rings and bracelet – Rawr (Currently at The Warehouse Sale July 23rd – 18th August) – Diabolical set

Face piercings – Little Fish – Jazmina

Hair – Yomi – (Currently at Anthem August 3rd – August 30th) – Dirge hair

Elf Ear Extensions – Swallow – Earrings pixie gauged SO2

Ears – Swallow – Pixie gauged S ears

Nails – Conviction – The Claws V2

The Claws Applier – Conviction – The Claws – Nude Ombre

Tattoo – Lilithe – Selene tattoos {BOM}

Skin for head – Deetalez – Misaki (Tone – Eastern) {BOM}

Skin for body – Deetalez – Skin for legacy (Tone – Eastern) {BOM}

Freckles on body – Deetalez – Body addon – Freckles {BOM}

Cheekbones – Deetalez – Addons pack for Misaki {BOM}

Freckles – Deetalez – Addons pack for Salma {BOM}

Veins, Cellulite and Stretchmarks – Izzie’s – Body Imperfections {BOM}

Lashes – Shiny Stuffs – All dolled up lashes

Eyes – Euphoric – Alice eyes

Head – Lelutka – Ora head

Shine – Bold & Beauty – Base oil

Body – Legacy – Legacy female

– Mods & Deformers –

 Pretty Liars – Essential deformers (legacy) – Belly flat (L3), Boobs push up more (L1), Hips down (L3)

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