-280- I’m a real wild child

“Gonna break it loose, gonna keep ’em movin’ wild
Gonna keep a-swingin’, baby, I’m a real wild child”
Iggy Pop, Real Wild Child (Wild One)

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

Hello lovelies,

After my last post regarding reborn, I thought I'd show you what the body is all about. A very similar look to kupra without the big ole titties and a more natural curve. I'd say quite similar to kups, however not so "in your face" the badonkadonk is still there and you do still have a big ole bootie even at 0. -This isn't for everyone. The nice thing is a lot of designers are already creating for this body - including Candy Kitten. And I adore the outfit she's created. I love a ripped jean look and the fishnets really finish the set off!!!

As you can see I've swapped up my beloved catwa to the new lelutka Gaia. As much as I love Catwa, and I also love lelutka - a lot of designers are moving on to evo x - so I thought it about time to get a shape I actually like with a Evo X head. - I rather like it!!! I forgot about the facial animations, layering and little details Lelutka has added. Including ease of shine, b;end options and of course the animations - all being on one hud. Because of this - I want to say a special thank you to Amorenna if it weren't for her blog posts for scars, and those fabulous pubes - I still would be looking all baby faced!!!

Don't forget to follow my page, flickr and join me over on facebook and instagram. Let me know what you think of these items down in the comments! ♥♥
Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses –

Pose –  Foxcity – Stairs (Standing) 1

Backdrop – Foxcity – B A D (Black)

Cigar – Chris Two Designs – Grab My!! Cigar

– Outfit –

Top – Candy Kitten (Currently at Fameshed X October 10th – November 6th) – Wild Top

Shorts – Candy Kitten  (Currently at Fameshed X October 10th – November 6th) – Wild Jeans

-Body & Accessories-

Hair – Magika – Riley Hair

Nails – Conviction – The Claws V2

The Claws Applier – Conviction – The Claws Worn

Black Eye – Rekt Royalty (Currently at We Love Roleplay October 5th – October 30th) – Shiner

Scar – Ladybird – Stoltur Scar

Freckles – Ladybird – Walcott

Pubic Hair – Jack Spoon – Disco Bits v2

Skin, and Brows – Nuve – Anya Skin (BoM – Sunkissed), Lian Eyebrows and V4 Legacy Body

Head – Lelutka (Currently at Equal10 October 10th – November 6th) – Gaia Head v 3.1

Body – Ebody (Currently at Equal10 October 10th – November 6th) – Reborn

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