-277- Hot Apple Cider

“Always look on the bright cider life”

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{Sneakpeak the raw image}


Another autumny image coming your way with pumpkins galore. Now cider in the UK is slightly different to Murrica.... it's alcohol, it's delicious and it used to be one of my many tipple of choices before stopping drinking. 

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses –

Pose – Foxcity – Melancholy (pose 6) – Heavily edited on black dragon

– Setting the Scene –

Hut – Dreamland Designs – Oakley Garden Shed

Daybed – Dreamland Designs – Oakley Lovers Daybed

Shower – Backbone – Outdoor Shower

Lanterns – Dreamland Designs – Oakley Wooden Lanterns

Fall Signs – What Next – Fall Wall Collage

Fall Sign and Pumpkins – What Next – Copper Fall Sign & Pumpkins

Toffee Applies – What Next – Fall Woodland Caramel Apples

Animal Mugs – What Next – Fall Woodland Drinks

Mugs and Candle – What Next – Pumpkin Spice Latte

Curtains – DaD Designs – Blowing Curtains A

Dogs – Jian – Spoiled Rotten Rotties

Trees – Dreamland Designs – Oakley Autumn Tree Scene

Fallen Leaves – DaD Designs – Forgotten Summer Pool – Leaves

– Outfit –

Coat – Vinyl – Cider Coat

Jeans – Vinyl – Cinnamon Pants

Sneakers – Addams – Braava Low Top Sneakers

-Body & Accessories-

Hat and Hair – Yomi (Currently at Anthem September 3rd – September 30th) – Aika Hair

Scrunchie – Fluffy Stuff – Scrunchies

Necklace – Astralia – Pizza Heart friendship Necklace

Skin, and Brows – Nuve – Lian Skin (BoM – Sunkissed), Lian Eyebrows and V2 Legacy Body

Dimples – Nuve – Dimples

Head – Catwa – HDPRO Majer Edged

Body – Legacy – Legacy

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