-263- Let’s Kaboom

“One minute you’re defending the whole galaxy, and, suddenly, you find yourself sucking down Darjeeling with Marie Antoinette… and her little sister.”
Toy Story 1

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

Even now as an "adult" in her mid 30s I am adamant that toys come alive when not in the room. I legit feel awful throwing them away. Marie Kondu actually recommends throwing a blanket over the face as it's the face that makes you feel guilty. I don't know. What if they are real and you've sent them down the tip of death. - sorry past toys!!!

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-  Rae

-Props & Poses –

Barlie Doll Box – Ananas (Currently at The Warehouse Sale July 23rd – August 17th) – Toy Story – Barlie and Ben

– Setting the Scene –

Wallpaper taken from here

Bed – Astralia – Magic Power Bed

Ben Box – Ananas (Currently at The Warehouse Sale July 23rd – August 17th) – Toy Story – Barlie and Ben

Broken Ken – Cureless – Plastic Boyfriend Freddy

Dino and Block City – HEXtraordinary (Currently at The Epiphany July 15th – August 12th) – Chonkzilla City Rampage (RARE)

Toy phone – BonBon – hero hotline

Furby – Reign – Furbee (Aqua) #13 Gacha

Trainset – Madpea – Toy Train Track

Giant alien toy 1 – PewPew – Chubi Orange

Giant alien 2 – PewPew – Dummies Pink/White

Spider Doll – Lilith’s Den – Spider Doll

Elephant Stuffie – Torika – Torika Toy

Slippers – Backbone – Unicorn Slippers Decor

Socks – Black Nest – Hohto Socks

Rug – Backbone – Comfy Cloud Rug

– Outfit –

Dress and Top – Miss Chelsea – Eira Dress and Top

-Body & Accessories-

Hair – LittleBones – Icon Cosplay wig – Fashion Doll (Gacha)

Makeup – Dotty’s Secret – Comedy Queen

Skin and Dimples – Nuve – Hope Skin (BoM – Sunkissed) Dimples, Hope Eyebrows and v4 Legacy Body

Head and Lipstick – Catwa – HDPRO MajerEdged

Body – Legacy – Legacy

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