-228- The Good Life

“Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization”
Charles Lindebergh

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Dear Reader,

Time to get some fresh air and earth yourself.

I hope you're feeling lighter, breezier and happier. I sure as heck am and what better way to step intot he outdoors with a cosy "good life" style. Chickens, caravan, and a big ole mug of tea. What more could you want?

The internet? Baaaaaaah! 

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

– Setting the Scene –

Caravan – Dreamland Designs (Exclusively at Uber Hometown March 19th – April 16th) – Old shabby caravan

Bed – Dreamland Designs (Exclusively at Uber Hometown March 19th – April 16th) – Bohemian pallet bed

Deck chair – Nutmeg – Seaside calm beach chair w/Towel

Stool – Nutmeg – Garden junk stool

Washing line – Nutmeg – Laundry Day Clothesline

Washer – Nutmeg – Rustic fence clutter bonus item

String lights – Hive – Boho string lights

Hanging baskets – Nutmeg – Rustic Fence hanging basket

Bike – Nutmeg – Laundry day old bike – Bonus item

Water pump Nutmeg – Garden junk water pump

Watering can with fairy lights – InsurreKtion – Waterfall fairy lights

Love wagon wheel – Moss&Mink – Love Wagon Wheel

Breakfast in bed – Kraftwork – Breakfast in bed

Broom – Nutmeg – Garden junk broom

Bucket – Nutmeg – Garden junk bucket

Watering can with flowers – Nutmeg -Laundry day watering can

Churn with dried flowers – Love – Milk churn willow vase

Planks of wood – Nutmeg – Rustic fence planks

Eggs – Nutmeg – Farmhouse brunch wggs (edited slightly to remove the cloth)

Milk churn – Nutmeg – Junk milk can

Newspaper – Nutmeg – Garden Junk Newspaper

Candles in teapot – Nutmeg – Garden junk candles

Ladder with lamp – Nutmeg – Readers nook ladder

Cups – Nutmeg – Staying warm cups – Bonus item

Tea – ChicChica – Cup of Tea (from the tea and waffles)

Postbox – Nutmeg – Rustic fence mailbox

Clothes – Nutmeg – Staying warm hung sweatshirt and pants

Sunflowers and chicken – |T |L |C | Animals – Chicken gacha 3 rare

Fence and chicken – |T |L |C | Animals – Chicken gacha 7 common

Sign and chicken – |T |L |C | Animals – Chicken gacha 14 common

Ladder seeds and chicken – |T |L |C | Animals – Chicken gacha 12 common

Chicken with water – |T |L |C | Animals – Chicken gacha 8 common

Chicken and chicks – |T |L |C | Animals – Chicken gacha 9 common

Chick in lantern – |T |L |C | Animals – Chicken gacha 5 common

Firepit – Love – Travellers rest – Campfire

Shrubs – Love – Filler bush

Grass – Love – Essential grass

Dirt track – HPMD – Dirt road

Pear tree – Little Branch – Pear tree

Katsura tree – Little Branch – Katsura tree

Little flower groups – Simply Shelby – Taken from the fairy wishing tree fatpack

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