-197- The Milking Barn

“They’re going to drown me in milk–what a waste of good baby-food!”
― William Moulton Marston, The Wonder Woman Chronicles, Vol. 1

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

– Setting the Scene –

Barn, tractor, hay bale – B-Made (Exclusively at Cosmopolitan February 8th – February 21st) – Barn Fullset

Milking Stations – Since 1975 – Milking Booth

Bucket, Rake, Hay Bales and feeders – Madpea – Happy Hooves Gacha

Pillory – Short Leash – The Pillory

Hooks – Short Leash – Well Hung Suspension Hook

Hitching Post – Short Leash – Wrangler’s Hitch

Body Trap – Dictatorshop – Body Trap

Milk – Fakeicon – milk glass

The Milking Barn Sign made by Short Leash

Dried Grass – Little Branch – WildGrass

Straw – Love – Autumn Day Grass

Corn – Little Branch – Corn Cluster

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