-194- He/Him

“If I wait for someone else to validate my existence, it will mean that I’m shortchanging myself.”
Zanele Muholi

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

Dear Reader,

Since being accepted by Absolut Creation I have wanted to an image like this, but I really didn't want to do it a disservice. As someone who has struggled with their own body issues I truly believe in taking a vocal stance in body positivity! This image is a tribute to acceptance, tolerance, and mother fucking respect. Not just for yourself but towards others. (Unless of course you're an ignorant numpty then you need to go and educate yourself instead!) 

I first heard of EVEboy a few years ago - when it was first released. This to me is what put Absolut Creation on the map. I was so impressed that they'd thought to a decent androgynous body and was a little disheartened that nobody had really heard about it. Since the release of events like itty bitty titty club, and designers such as maitreya releasing a flat chest, and v-tech releasing an add on for the freya body I think that Eveboy also needs to get a look in too.

The body is so easy to shape and amend to fit what sort of look you're wanting to get, I paired this with the Lelutka River head as I thought it would be the perfect combination. Absolut Creations also sell mesh bento heads and there is a  head deisgned to match EveBoy called Chris.

The v-tech skin appliers don't seem to fit so nicely to this body. (for obvious reasons) however Izzie's had released a flat chest applier that covers the shading of breasts and it's perfect. The surgery scars emphasised the image I wanted to create.

I really hope that I managed to do this topic justice, and I hope that you like the image!

Don't forget to follow my page, flickr and join me over on facebook and instagram. Let me know what you think of these items down in the comments! ♥♥
Your loyal blogger
-  Rae
*I do want to add, just because I am a cisgender, pansexual person doesn't mean I can't be an allie for the LGBTQQIP2SAA and I will always continue to stand for what is right. There will always be a safe space at my table! ♥

-Props & Poses-

Pose – Cuca Designs – Male Bento Stands – Vol.02 (pose 7)

Backdrop – Cerberus Xing – Crucifix Corridor

-Body & Accessories-

Hair and Hairbase – No Match – No Vault

Tattoo – Vegas – Misanthrope

Beard and eyes – Default from Lelutka River

Surgery Scars – Izzie’s – BoM Breast Surgery Scar (V3)

Pubic Hair – Izzie’s – BoM Pubic Hair Dark Brown

Flat Chest marking – Izzie’s – BoM Flat Breast 05

Skin – Deetalez – European BoM – for Maitreya, and skin for head Flora

Body  – Absolut Creation – EveBoy

Head – Lelutka – River

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