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-39- Do not trust Robots

“Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more”
The Matrix

♥Full Image Here♥

-Props & Poses-

Pose made using AnyPose

Lighting – LUMIPro

Facial Expressions are from head animations

Backdrop – The Bearded Guy – Suck It

– Outfit –

Dress- Beauty of Darkness (Currently at Midsummer Enchantment July 10th – July 26th 2020) -Vikkilongoria Dress

Stockings – Blueberry – Stella fishnet

Shoes – Death Row Design – Frankenstomps

-Body & Accessories-

Choker – Spookshow – Infernal Collar

Hair – Sintiklia – Alex

Horns – Spookshow – Dermal Horns

Septum Piercing – Spookshow – Large Gauge Septum

Power button and nose rings – Normandy (Currently at the Saturday Sale 11th July) – Charg3d Set

Rings/Nails – PKC – Claw Rings

Ears – Swallow – Elf HD

Eyes – Normandy (Currently at the Saturday Sale 11th July) – Charg3d Set

Eye make-up – Spookshow – Moloch Shadow

Lipstick – Spookshow – Abaddon Lips Set 2

Blush – Spookshow – Nihasa Countour Blush

Brows – Spookshow – Sinematic Brows

Lookbook Basics

Who took advantage of the spookshow 50% sale? I diiiiiiiiiid!!! And at such a perfect time for these two new releases from Beauty of Darkness and Normandy!!! Treat yo’self!!!

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