-2- Crazy Cats and Kittens

‘Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.’ – Eloisa James

♥Full Image Here♥

-Props & Poses-

Pose made using AnyPose

Facial Expressions – Lelutka – Axis

Cats – Jian – Kitty Shelving/ Kitty Sauce Shelf/ Kitten Scratching Post/ Kitten Pillow/ Cozy Cat Chair

Rug – [Pewpew!] Kitten Rug (GG)

Cat bag – Una – Travel bag cat (GG)

Cat sign – Kraftwork – Cat Lover Marquee Frame

Unicorn Mug – [Cosmic Dust] – Mystical Mugs Unicorn

Lighting – LUMIPro


Dress – Sweet Thing. – Shallan Outfit (Catpack)

Boots – Sweet Thing. – Cabooties

-Body & Accessories-

Hair – Olive – The Leo Hair

Collar – Cae – Babygirl Collar

Ring – Astralia – My half rings set

Tail – Sweet Thing. – Fluffy Neko Tail

Cats on Body – Sweet Thing. – Cabootie cats

Cat Scratches – Izzies – Playful kitty scratches (BoM)

Lookbook Basics

Influenced by Sapphire Beach Club stage set up on the 19th April 2020, where the whole stage was based on a cat tree for 3 very crazy cat lady performers. If you haven’t checked out the venue, you totally should. The venue theme is always changing, and they have entertainment 6 days a week!

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